The hotel with low
environmental impact

Nature philosophy

We love the mountains and we want to show it in this way

Today, more than ever, it’s important to think "green": attention for environment and nature are essential values for us so that we can continue to live in harmony with this planet, respecting what has been given to us as human beings. For this reason, the Dimora degli Dei was created following the values of environmental and eco-sustainability respect, which allowed us to give you this jewel, nestled among Livigno’s Alps, and which is even more precious, thanks to the values that embodies and supports.

Not only: to guarantee you a luxury holiday, provided with all the best comforts, the Dimora degli Dei is configured as a new vanguard structure, equipped with all the best technologies that however always look to ecology.

Pannelli fotovoltaici e solari

Photovoltaic and solar panels

Maximum energy efficiency in combination with the pellet - biomass boiler

Caldaia a pellet - biomassa

Pellet boiler - biomass

We take advantage renewable energy sources using agricultural crops waste or deforestation

Ricarica auto elettriche

Electric car charging

Two charging stations inside the garage and one outside: use them for your electric car/ hybrid car or pedal assisted bike

Riduciamo il consumo di acqua

We reduce water consumption

Flow reducers, low power shower and timing systems toilets and spa

Prodotti a Km 0

Km 0 products

We enhance the territory bringing on the table genuine products from our area

Rivestimento naturale

Natural coating

A rare example of a natural and organic facade, in heat-treated organic fir wood

A few more details?

  • Biomass heating combined with solar thermal system that allows to reduced energy consumption in favor of the reduction of pollutant emissions, but also to guarantee scrupulous attention to the environment
  • Internal management of recirculation and air treatment systems
  • Entire wood cladding with an extremely careful management of the external perimeter wall packages as well as the roofs
  • Matt surfaces equipped with high breathability and high thermal resistance thermal coats, complemented by additional internal coatings that reach wall thicknesses exceeding 60 centimeters
  • The external facing is entirely made of heat-treated organic fir wood, laid without using of any paint and therefore completely natural; this coating, for the way in which it was conceived, is a rare example of a natural and biological ventilated facade
  • Careful management of the used water, which will be managed by platforms and systems of the latest generation, so as to keep constantly monitored the resource’s expenditure

Even our guest will be the promoter of this ecological revolution since through his smartphone he can interact with the services of the structure, so as to contain waste and live a stay in total comfort.

The eco-sustainability of common spaces

In addition to these measures, there is the creation of a large solar greenhouse that concern the living areas of the structure, on two levels, which are completed with large windows made with the most modern glass technologies. These are high-thickness (66 mm) windows with triple glazing and double thermal camera, made with a particular material (eclat), produced and used only in the far north of Europe, with high brightness and light transparency, and at the same time, among the highest levels of resistance and thermal capacity.

Social sustainability

Also from the side of social sustainability, the intervention will be characterized by a logic directed towards accessibility and therefore through solutions designed to create spaces and furniture that are all accessible and usable, characterized by the possibility of movement, guidance, self-sufficiency, safety, well-being with the minimum effort to adaptation for people with reduced motory and sensory ability, disabled and elderly.

The aim is to create a unique environment in an even more unique context: Trepalle, the highest village in Europe, which has founded its economy on the trade of duty-free goods, but now, thanks at the intervention of Mr. Olzer, it’s preparing to become a cutting-edge tourist destination equipped with services and accommodation facilities that can meet any expectations.

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